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Racism is Alive and Well

Last weekend I was the victim of a racist remark. The person who directed this remark toward me did it with malicious intent over some thing really stupid. I had made a comment about two movies to another party. She… Continue Reading →

Mindful Eating

My social media feeds are sometimes inundated with people looking to change their diets because they are forced to lose weight due to some medical reason. Dietitians tell them to cut their calories but do not tell them to eat… Continue Reading →

What we were meant to be.

When I was a small girl, I never felt as if I belonged here. Not in this world, not in this time, not around the people who surrounded me. I was always looking for home which seemed to elude me,… Continue Reading →

A New Chapter

Two books, same chapter, different perspective. A new Chapter in life, turn the page. One of sorrow, one of joy. New beginnings for both. One of emptiness, one of adventure. Both have hope; hope for happiness, hope for success. Two… Continue Reading →


People do not think. They do not think how their actions will affect them or anyone else. They do not think of their fellow humans. They do not think of their future. They do not think how their words or… Continue Reading →

The Legend of Silver Heels

Just about every one loves a good mystery. Even better yet, a happy ending. I love legends and folklore especially those that aren’t well known. Not too far from the town of Alma, Colorado was the mining town of Buckskin… Continue Reading →

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