Last weekend I was the victim of a racist remark. The person who directed this remark toward me did it with malicious intent over some thing really stupid. I had made a comment about two movies to another party. She wasn’t involved in the conversation but decided to make it her business anyway. This person was a co-worker on a temporary gig I had been hired for.

Now some of you may say it is no big deal, racist comments are made on a daily basis and should be ignored or some may say it’s something I need to get over.

For those who have never been the victim of racism, these are very insensitive comments. I have had to deal with racism most of my life from someone throwing rocks at me to a lady following me around in a grocery store of all places calling me the N-word.

It is not a pleasant thing to go through nor is it something to overlook or ignore but many do. I am guilty of just letting it slide knowing there is really nothing I can do about it.

However this instance of the co-worker and her racist remark set me off. I am tired of overlooking someone’s severe faux pas. I almost punched her in the face but walked away instead. I told our boss and let him deal with her in which he did. I am happy to report he had my back.

In this day and age, racism should be a thing of the past. However I keep reading more and more news articles of it becoming more prevalent. How can this be? Isn’t this the 21st century? It has always been around live and well but it was a hidden epidemic. People were more apt to hide the fact they were prejudiced because it was not the social norm. Now with certain prominent leaders making their own racist comments, more of the outspoken general public has been coming out of the woodwork. People I never thought to lean in that direction would make comments here and there. Others look the other way, not saying a word or would blow it off because it made them uncomfortable to stand up for another person’s rights.

If each person who stood up to someone else making a racist remark maybe, just maybe, the person making that remark would think twice about being publicly outspoken about it. Maybe, just maybe, racism would go back to being a hidden epidemic with prejudiced people becoming the minority rather than the majority.

This also goes for ignorant comments against the LGBQT community. This is something else I am passionate about. Making them out to be something less than human by taking away their rights, treating them as an abomination, making uncalled for comments about how they live their lives just proves not only one’s ignorance but also the hatred in their hearts.

There is no place in this evolving world for this kind of treatment toward another human being. Each and every one of us has to make a stand to end this type of hatred toward our fellow human. It takes just one person to be compassionate and take a stand up to make a difference.