Everyone is born with a purpose. Something that drives us as we live our lives. However, some lose their way and forget their purpose and their dreams. Did someone tell you your purpose was impractical? Did your family tell you your dream went against your beliefs? Quite possibly someone told you your dreams were childish. For this reason, you gave up on your inborn purpose.

So many people walk this world believing their purpose is to make money, collect things, getaway for a few days a year and this is happiness. All the while they stare out the window thinking there must be something more. There is a yearning in their soul. As a result, they collect more things, work more hours, and go on more vacations. They end up in debt, suffer from depression, have anxiety issues, and some commit suicide.

At the same time, a growing movement of those is finding their purpose. Some are reawakening after what seems like a long slumber and others are realizing how to make their dreams work. They realize less is more and helping others brings more happiness. Entrepreneurs giving up the 9-5 grind to make their own rules for a career and are finding ways to turn their passion into a career, fulfilling their dreams.

A growing number of people are realizing we have one life, one planet, and one human race. While older generations set to ruin the planet, the younger generations are trying to clean up the mess. Older generations had a vision of what success meant, the younger generations are breaking the mold to create something different. No longer do they believe in a set of “Brules” or bullshit rules that defined older generations.

The world is changing. How will you decide what works for you? Will you step into a new way of thinking or have you already? Are you learning what your happiness is? Is there a way to resurrect your dreams to make them a reality?