A smiling, happy Ryoma.

I am Ryoma, an 8-year-old Japanese Akita. My favourite things are eating, sleeping, and going for long noneventful walks. I’m not against mysteries, but my main focus is keeping my people safe and mysteries usually involve danger.








Shego lovingly holding Mr. Frog.

I’m Shego and mystery is my middle name. Police work is in my blood as most Belgian Malinois. There isn’t a smell that I can’t ferret out. I’ve got a one-track mind when it comes to finding things. If I come across something scary, I will rip it to shreds! Like Mister Frog here.








Shinatobe focused readily on an out of sight ball.

  I’m Shina. It’s short for Shinatobe because I move like the wind. I’m a Belgian Malinois…can’t you tell by my ears? My only interest is chasing balls and other moving things. I don’t care what we do as long as it’s fast.  What’s a mystery anyway?









A peeking Tanuki cat.

  I’m the cutest one of the group. Don’t you think? Tanuki’s the name and mystery is my game. I can move in and out of places like a ghost. Having three legs is no bother. Yes. I’m a tripod but it doesn’t hinder me at all.






Asbel Smudge in front of the camera.

Asbel here. I like taking selfies! And eating bunnies. I’m fast as well as cunning. I know the people will not take us felines on most of the mysteries. It’s ok though. I’m sure the dogs will fill us in on any weird happenings. Maybe Tanuki and I should learn to walk on a leash.